Matrix is a trans lesbian writer of fiction, poetry, worldbuilding, tabletop games, and sometimes webcomics. She primarily works in speculative fiction genres, usually some flavour of fantasy or science fantasy, only rarely stepping into pure science fiction. Expect wlw protagonists in anything she wrote after 2016. She's tried let's playing in the past, but has since erased all evidence of that. Maybe she'll try again in the future, maybe not. She'll probably just stick to writing and sometimes drawing.


General Prose

Kandro City Shuffle

Edgedtuck - Webcomic


Tabletop Stuff

The Myriad


Crowsgrave Multiverse

Ki Kuriku


Races of the Myriad

Player's Guide to the Planeworlds

Player's Guide to the Purple City

Maikros: The Third Age

Alone Together