Jessica Mahler

As a child, Jess was taken from her family and turned into a marionette. Bluff, stubbornness, and Valdemar enabled her to survive long enough to eventually cut her strings and, like Pinochio, set out into the world to discover what it meant to be human.

She discovered her family, polyamory, and eventually herself. Part of discovering herself was discovering that she had within her the wellsprings of fantasy that had once helped her survive. So she started writing. And soon her life filled with fae, werewolves, and TVtropes.

In the middle of inventing parallel worlds and fantastical beasts, she lost her family again, joined a polyam quad, watched it disintegrate around her ears, spent some time networking, fell in love with and subdued a disabled demon, partly raised four children, and wrote a surprisingly popular essay on the value of gold toe-socks in polyam relationships.

That essay was the springboard to start writing about polyamory regularly, and she turned her 10+ years of polyam relationships into fuel for a blog about pregnancy, mental illness, legal stuff, and other practicalities of polyamory.

Today she spends time frying sufganiyot to keep her demon lover appeased. She writes fantasy stories and polyam advice while the dough is rising.

The Polyamorous Home (The Polyamory on Purpose Guides Book 2)

The Bargain




Matrix is a trans lesbian writer of fiction, poetry, worldbuilding, tabletop games, and sometimes webcomics. She primarily works in speculative fiction genres, usually some flavour of fantasy or science fantasy, only rarely stepping into pure science fiction. Expect wlw protagonists in anything she wrote after 2016. She's tried let's playing in the past, but has since erased all evidence of that. Maybe she'll try again in the future, maybe not. She'll probably just stick to writing and sometimes drawing.


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