Olivia M (aka Metaparadox) is a queer, asexual spectrum femme born in 1992. Other identities that are important to her include: autistic, atheist, mixed latinx, zinester, chronically ill, feminist, secular humanist, and artist.

Olivia dabbles in all sorts of creative activities! She makes diverse, queer narrative video games, mostly visual novels/dating sims. She organized Ace Jam, the first asexual-themed game jam. She runs a Queer Game Dev server on Discord. 

She makes zines (self-published booklets), mostly personal zines about her life, identities, experiences, and opinions, but also photo zines, short fiction, minicomics, and more! She tables at zine fests, organized a rural zine fest, teaches zine workshops at libraries and queer conferences, and blogs about zines when she can. She also helps run the Ace Zine Archive, a website that documents and sometimes hosts zines that talk about asexuality. She also has a Zines and Zinesters Discord server as well as some zine-related Facebook groups. 

Combining her love of zines and game dev, she's also hosting Zine Jam, a game and zine jam about telling DIY stories. A programmer by education, she is also working on a zine-trading social network Android app called Let's Trade Zines. It's about 90% done, but is currently on hold, as of the time of writing.

She also makes and sells handmade jewelry and accessories, does other artistic and programming projects, other writing, and graphic design (which is currently also her day job).




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